Massage Therapy by Allissa Hughes

A Massage Style For Everyone

For The Big Kids

We offer massages using a variety of techniques that take into account your individual needs. We are happy to discuss any questions you have about the methods available before we start.

Swedish Massage: Used as a relaxing massage, will help with tension and stress relief. Typically a whole body massage but can be done on problem areas.

Reflexology: A modality used on the hands and feet which will help with your whole body wellness.

Deep Tissue: The modality for working out knots and adhesions. Working superficial to deep, or outside to inside will help to resolve your knots and relieve tension. Done in conjunction with Swedish or other modalities to work out tension and deep muscles.

Neuromuscular Massage: Used to affect the sac around the muscle, similar to the sac around a piece of fresh chicken. Neuromuscular is meant to help the central nervous system relax and to allow for deeper massage and relief from nervous system ailments. Done as either a whole body massage or to work out specific issues.

Sports Massage: Massage for the family athlete. This type of massage is used for getting ready for a sporting event, by stimulating the muscles and awakening the body. After a sporting event this can be used to calm the body and help with recovery time.

Stretching: Can be used by everyone, it can be to help with athletic performance. It can also be used to enhance a massage and loosen the body.

For The Little Kids

Pediatric Massage: A specific type of massage that is meant to relax your little one. This can help with many childhood complaints such as growing pains, fatigue, muscle aches and pains, and can help your child sleep. Pediatric massage is not like a massage for an adult and is done with the child clothed, permission is always obtained and lotion is not used but oil is suggested. Massage for a child is meant to teach children about nurturing touch (good touch). Should a pediatric client fall asleep the massage will stop due to the nurturing touch principle and to teach a child that nothing will happen without their consent.

Infant Massage Teaching

As an Infant massage teacher, Miss Hughes would be glad to attend your class or meeting as a presenter. Please contact us for more information.

Things to Know: 

  • Infant massage is a way for expecting parents, current parents, and any caregiver (family members, close family friends) to learn techniques to help with many parts of their growing child’s life.
  • Oil Is not necessary, Should you choose to use oil here are some suggestions: Sweet Almond, coconut oil, grape seed oil, olive oil. Oil should be cold pressed and something that is edible as infants and children stick hands and feet in their mouths.