Massage Therapy by Allissa Hughes

What our clients are saying!

AWESOME! She is one of "my kids" since she was in my geometry class in high school! Seriously one of the best massages I have ever received! I will be visiting regularly!
I have had massages from several people over the years. Allissa is absolutely the best one! I like a firm massage, my husband likes a softer massage. She can adapt to whatever preference you have. I would not go anywhere else.
Alissa came to our home to give my terminally ill wife a massage. She did an excellent job and my wife remembered Alissa’s kindness. We were able to travel to her studio later during a brief period of recovery. It meant more to my wife than anyone can fully understand unless they are in that position.
I left a post on your FB page, but for actual review purposes I wanted to be able to give a score. 5 stars aren't enough. It is almost unheard of to experience true relief from chronic pain. Constant tension. . I got that with you, and I can't thank you enough for it. This is as close as I could come to telling the world that you're amazing. It's so rare to feel wonderful when your body hurts all over..every day. I won't forget this because, for me, it's unheard of to just FEEL..WELL. Allissa, thank you thank you thank you. Anyone looking for help with back troubles, and someone who truly understands what you need, look no further. She exists right here! (again.. THANK YOU)
I suffer from fibromyalgia along with a few other health issues. So, I’m in pain most of the time with tense muscles. Allissa was able to use just the right amount of pressure to release some of the knots in my muscles. I usually am very sore the day after I get a massage, but not with Allissa. I had some soreness but it was a good sore.
I'm a big guy, but that doesn't stop Allissa from getting deep into my muscles and working out all the tension.